Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday William!

Happy 7th Birthday to my WBB!

SEVEN!  WOW! We made it!  I remember when you were born and I would spend countless hours rocking you to sleep at night.  During those late nights, my mind would wander and drift into daydreams about your future - what you would look like, what kind of child you would be, your interests and your personality....all those "unknowns" at the time.  And I remember thinking to myself, "I wonder what you will be like in 7 years?"  I don't really know why I hit on "7 years" instead of age 3 or 5.  At the time, I think 7 sounded so grown up and SO FAR AWAY.

And here you are.  SEVEN.

Oh William, I cannot possibly begin to tell you how much I love being your mom.  I prayed long and hard for you and God answered my prayers beyond measure.  The second we met I was overwhelmed with a JOY I had never known before.  Your toddler years are most precious to me because for 4 years, it was just you, me and Dada.  I soaked up every second of those days because I knew I wouldn't get them back.  There is a place in my heart where I hold dear memories of just the two of us exploring the world.  We'd ride buses, trains, and camp out at the airport for the entire day.  We'd spend hours at the park, take walks, watch airplanes fly at night, study rocks, sticks and dirt.  We would sit and read piles of library books all afternoon and take naps on the couch.  Whatever we wanted to do, we'd just set out for the day and conquer the adventure.  Such a precious time for me as your mom. 

And what a blessing it has been to watch you grow from a toddler into a little boy.  It's amazing to see your interests develop as you have gotten older.  You are interested in sports and enjoy soccer and basketball.  You like to go to college football games with Dad as well as the ORU basketball games.  You are a team player.  You know the joy of winning and the disappointment of loosing.  But at seven, you understand that winning isn't everything.  You often times remind us that even though you lost the game, you still had fun playing.  I am so thankful for your optimistic spirit. 

You give with all your heart.  Whether it's playing sports or being a friend, William, you are 100% committed.  You walk through life wearing The Golden Rule on your sleeve.  You are a friend to everyone, and that makes me really proud.  You cheer for the underdog and you sit by the lonely kid at the lunch table.  You are kind to your sisters and you are a peacemaker. 

You are a great defender.  It's fun to watch you play soccer and basketball.  You defend your post to the death!  It's exciting to watch the opponent try and get around you.....and it's rare when they do!  No wonder the soccer team nicknamed you "The Grizzly Barron!"

You are a gentle soul.  You are my emotional little fellow.  You are passionate about the moments you are experiencing and you hate to make mistakes.  We've worked on understanding that everyone makes mistakes and that mistakes bring consequences.  Everyone gets in trouble and has to put their nose on the wall at our house!  In fact, you secretly love it when your sisters make mistakes and are sent to the wall.  No one is perfect and you cannot try to make yourself perfect.  You recognize your struggles and we do our best to work through them.  For instance, you are still learning to tie your shoes and ride a bike without training wheels.  These things take time and you will be a rockstar before you know it!

You are SMART SMART SMART.  Your math skills amaze me.  You can add and subtract 3 digit numbers in your head faster than Dada and me.  You know mathematical facts that we don't even know and you LOVE for us to throw out math problems while we are driving.  You seem to remember information after only reviewing it once or twice.  You know Presidents, State Capitals, and love to explore maps. 

There are so many things about you that make me very proud.  And among all the wonderful, there is also the fact that you are growing up and discovering new things.  You are seeking independence and you no longer need my help with everything in your life.  You are testing boundaries and voicing opinions.  All in a good way.  It's exactly what you should be doing.   But it's all an eye opener for your mom because I love holding your hands.  As your mom, the journey is a bundle of excitement and nerves.  There are so many years ahead that bring uncharted territory.  I am working on letting go as much as you are working on growing steps for both of us buddy. 

But for now, I am hanging on to THE MOMENT you are SEVEN.  It's a great age William and I am so thrilled to see you lovin' life!



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