Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas with Bebe and Pops

Christmas with Bebe and Pops is always a wild and wacky adventure.  We decorated gingerbread houses, played Minute to Win It and read the Christmas story while wearing costumes......traditions!

The grandkids were on pins and needles for the big Christmas gift reveal.  No one was allowed in the back bedroom because that's where all the gifts were set up.  William was excited and it was HARD not to open those doors! 

When the big moment finally arrived, the kids lined up oldest to youngest.  Pops hollered "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!" and the doors flung open!  It was total chaos.  The delightful screams and "OH WOW!  LOOK WHAT I GOT!  THANK YOU BEBE AND POPS!" and ANNA trying to run and keep up with the just all collided and I couldn't help but look around the room and just beam.  I am so thankful for my family and for my parents.  My life has been everything I could hope for and more.  In THAT MOMENT, I would have given anything to freeze time.  We are truly lucky.

The grandkids all got gifts tailored to their interest, but everyone got a scooter!  Oh they were so THRILLED!  Anna Baby surprised us all because she knew exactly what to do.  She stood up on William's scooter and shouted "WHEEEEEEEEE!" and then pushed her leg along the ground to get it to go.  Her own scooter has a detachable seat on it, but I have a feeling we'll be upgrading to the real deal!

Thank you Bebe and Pops.  Our Christmas was complete with YOU!  Love you more than you will ever, ever know.


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