Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

We rang in the New Year with the Winlands in OKC.  They had us over to their new house and the kids destroyed the playroom while the parents watched football and chatted. 

Before we left for the party, we stopped for a few pictures at Bebe and Pops' house.  We got some action shots in front of the annual NYC backdrop that Bebe saves from year to year.  Interestingly enough, William remembers this backdrop every year and mentions it to me several times before New Year's Eve.  He is adamant that Bebe set it up for pics.

We left the Winlands around 8:30 when the girls were spinning in circles.  They had no trouble going to bed when we got home.  On the other hand, William was READY TO PARTY.  He was going to stay up until midnight NO MATTER THE COST.  I mean, the kid wouldn't budge.  Dan and Rachel went to bed around 10pm which left William, Bebe and myself in the living room for another 2 hours to go.........

William was dead tired but rallied every time his eyes started to shut.  He was so curious about the ball dropping in NYC and I think he really thought it was going to drop out of the sky or fall and hit the ground and do something wild and magnificent.  Bebe and I kept telling him it was really nothing thrilling.  But so what.  When you are 6, any excuse to stay awake until midnight makes you TOO COOL!

The last man standing in the house.  He made it.  I should say, WE made it.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY FAVORITE BARRON BOY!


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