Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Boy Scout Popcorn Sales and Basketball Night

Boy Scout popcorn sales are over now and William sold $558.00 worth!  He did it all on his own.  I hate selling things and I wasn't looking forward to the popcorn gig.  But, William was SO enthusiastic and he was desperate to sell the popcorn around the neighborhood.  I didn't tell him my opinion, but instead, I explained to him that we'd go around the neighborhood so he could knock on doors and try his hand at selling the popcorn.  BUT, I also told him not to be disappointed if someone said "NO" and turned him away.  I went over the rejection part a lot.  He was SO SO sure that people would be interested and as the mom, I just wanted to protect him from the pain of disappointment. 

William said, "I know Mom.  I know some people won't want popcorn, but I am sure there are lots of people out there who love it." How do you compete with 7 year old's joy for something?

For several days, William wore his uniform around the neighborhood and knocked on doors.  Low and behold, the neighbors bought it up!  $558 worth!  William was absolutely SO PROUD of himself.  He LOVED selling and wanted to keep going and going and going.  After I realized how many neighbors welcomed him, I would have let him continue.  The only thing holding me back was that if people didn't pay, we were responsible for the difference.  When we got to $558, I thought we better stop just in case.......

Once the popcorn sale was complete, the Holland Hall Boy Scout pack hosted a popcorn prize party.  It was a Cedar Ridge Country Club.  All the boys came with their familes and there was a DJ playing music and a red carpet set up.  The MC announced each boy's name and then they did a dance down the red carpet.  At the end of the carpet was the Scout Leader and he gave each boy a prize based on their sales total.  When the MC called William's name, he tore onto the carpet and did the craziest dance I have ever seen.  I couldn't believe he let loose like he did!  It was so great and of course, I didn't get a video. typical.

William's prize was a Lego fire truck toy, a popcorn patch for his uniform and a certificate stating that his popcorn efforts yielded $180 to his own personal boy scout account. 

Adeline came with us to the party and she loved the whole event.  She learned the Chicken Dance on the dance floor and ate her weight in popcorn.

We left the scout party and headed to Holland Hall for the boys varsity basketball game.  At the half, the school was announcing the first grade basketball players.  It was pretty quick and nothing major, but William did have a good time running across the court when they called his name.  My pic is blurry as I was juggling Adeline in the stands and trying to cheer at the same time.



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