Friday, May 2, 2014

Adeline is 3! A ballerina birthday party

Adeline loves ballet.  It's her "extra curricular" activity on Tuesdays at 9:30am.  She LOVES to pick out her dance costume each week.  It varies from a pink tutu with sequins to a blue Cinderella costume or a traditional pink leotard.  I never know what she wants to wear until seconds before we walk out the door. 

This year, she asked me if she could do ballet for her birthday.  So, I asked one of the high school dance students to lead a short class for 4 of Adeline's friends.  Oh my goodness, Adeline was DELIGHTED at the thought of her friends coming over to HER house for HER birthday party.  She was jumping out of her skin the morning of the party.

Adeline loves dolls too.  I just knew she would LOVE an old fashion doll cake as her birthday cake.  So I took a Barbie to the bakery and they transformed her into a ballerina birthday doll cake.  Bebe went to Reasors to pick up the cake and when she got home, Adeline RAN out the front door to see her cake.  She had no idea it was going to be a doll cake.  The look on Adeline's face the second she saw the cake was priceless.  She was AMAZED and in TOTAL AWE.  A very soft "WOOOOOW!" came out of her smiling mouth.  She stared at that ballerina for several minutes and just couldn't believe it was for HER.

Adeline hosted 3 friends for her birthday.  It was the perfect number of girls at this young age.  E.B., Cathryn, Evy and Adeline.  As each girl arrived, Adeline gave them a pink tutu to wear during the dance class.  Some opted to wear it, some wanted to wait.  Adeline and Evy were very comfortable on the dance floor since they both take ballet lessons and understand what to expect.  E.B. and Cathryn warmed up as the class went on, and over all I think all the girls had a good time.

We sang "Happy Birthday" and cut into our precious ballerina doll.  The girls had a bite of cake, fruit and gold fish.  The party lasted about 1.5 hours and was the perfect amount of time.  As each girl said good-bye, Adeline would race down the walkway and give them a hug.  It's so sweet to see Adeline excited about her friends and to also know that these little girls are kind and loving. 

The rest of the afternoon, Adeline danced around the house, opened up her presents and snacked on cake!  HA! 


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