Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dance party and recital pictures

Bebe came to visit us on Monday afternoon and she stayed to help me with Adeline on Tuesday morning.   Monday afternoon, we held a dance party in Adeline's room.  The girls dressed up in their princess gowns and twirled to their hearts content.  Anna picked out her own dress up clothes including the swim shoes.  She watched Adeline leap around the room and then decided she would turn in circles until she fell to the floor dazed and confused.  Wild times with these gals!

I had a conflict with Adeline's dance pictures on Tuesday and I couldn't take her.  So Bebe was the stage mom!  

Adeline's original costume was too small and she refused to put it on because it was so tight and uncomfortable.  The dance teacher ordered a bigger one, but we were unsure if it would arrive before the photos.  Luckily, the right size arrived on time and Bebe had no trouble getting Adeline dressed and ready.   Bebe said she happily put the costume on and stood in line with her class.  I was relieved!

After pictures, Bebe took Adeline to Pottery Barn Kids story time and lunch at Queenies.   

Thanks for saving the day Bebe!


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