Thursday, May 29, 2014

Baseball Awards

The Patriots completed their baseball season last week.   William absolutely loved playing baseball and being part of this team.  Dan and I were so pleased with the experience and we sure hope William can play baseball with these boys next spring. 

William earned the  "most patient hitter" award and earned a trophy.   The coaches dubbed him the most patient hitter because there were numerous times William would be up at bat and hit the ball 15 times - all foul balls!   It was comical at times and then despite the 15 fouls, he'd finally nail the ball into the outfield and take a base.   

One of the dad's designed baseball posters for each of the players.  The poster is fantastic and shows a collage of pictures from William's experience playing ball.  We love it so much and I was touched by the time and effort this dad took to make 14 posters honoring each kiddo.  

William's poster is currently at the framer and will hang over his bed.   He is so proud of it.  


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