Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Home Run

William's baseball team played Monte Cassino on Tuesday night.   It was a good game and then William got up to bat. 

On his third swing, he hit the ball towards 3rd base and into the outfield.  He took off running and rounded first base.  He ran to second base.   He ran to theid base.  

He ran home with the biggest smile I have ever seen!   William Barron hit a home run!   It was thrilling.  Not only for William but also for Dan and me.  

I have never cheered louder and jumped higher!   I was so so so excited for him.  Such a proud moment!

William hit home base and his teammates ran out to hug him.  They were cheering and patting his back and oh my goodness, it was SO fantastic to watch.  William was beyond excited. He was beaming with pride.  Even better, he ran over to Dan to ask if he got his home run on video.   

In the final inning, the coach put William at pitcher.   What? Pitcher? William has never been the pitcher in his life.  I was so nervous watching him but he seemed calm and cool on the mound. 

He was amazing.  He caught two balls and threw them to first base which gave his team 2 outs in the final inning.  He was in total control of the moment and his throws were rock solid.  I was so relieved!  

When the game was over, the team huddles up for a pep talk and the coaches give the game ball to the outstanding player during the game. 

Guess who brought home the game ball Tuesday night?  One happy kid!

We went out to dinner to celebrate and capped the night with a trip to Braums.  

It was such a great memory for all of us.  As a parent, I was so proud of William and simply thrilled for his success.  For William, I loved seeing his confidence and how the whole experience reiterated to him that hard work pays off and that he can make a difference on a team.  

William, what were you thinking as ou ran those bases?
"Mom, I was thinking that I just needed to get on that first base but when I got there, coach told me to keep running so I went to second.  Then I kinda stopped but coach on third was yelling for me to keep running so I just ran as fast as I could and I didn't take my eyes off home plate.  I didn't slide because I just needed to get there fast. "

William, what was it like crossing home plate and knowing you just hit a home run?
"Oh man, it was incredible.  I still can't believe it.  I am so glad dad taped it for me.  I mean, it was amazing."

William, what was it like playing pitcher? Were you nervous?
"Oh, yea.  I was so nervous but that is where coach told me to go so I did.  I kept thinking oh man, please don't let the ball hit me in the face. I just told myself - stop the ball and throw it."

William, how does it feel to get the game ball as outstanding player?
"It was so exciting.  Mom, this is really the most incredible night of my life so far. "


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