Monday, May 26, 2014

Mad Hatter Tea Party with Evy

Adeline attended the Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Southern Hills with her buddy, Evy, from school.  They were so excited to be together AND eat all the cupcakes they wanted.  Adeline doesn't know about Alice In Wonderland, so she basically thought she was at an over the top birthday party!

The club had the Alice characters in costume and provided lunch and dessert for the kids.  It was somewhat informal (no planned games or activities) and so the girls ran around the room to fill time.  Personally, I thought it could have been MUCH MUCH cuter and tailored to young children by having craft stations and games.  But, I was a guest not the party planner this time.  Nevertheless, Adeline and Evy enjoyed their fun morning together and left the party on a less desirable sugar high!


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