Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bows like her sissy

Anna loves Adeline's hairbows.  She helps me pick them out in the morning and says "bows! Bows cutttteeeeee!" She sticks them on top of her head and watches them fall off.  Then she laughs a belly laugh and giggles.  

Recently when we get in the bow box, Anna says "bows mine!"   I asked her if she wanted to wear a hairbow and oh my goodness, she clapped her hands, signed "please", shouted "please!" and said "cuuutttteeee!"   

I put a bow in her hair and showed her how pretty she looked in the mirror.  She beamed and patted her bow with delight. 
I don't know that she will wear them every single day, but it's cute that she is interested and thinks bows are fun. 


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