Saturday, May 3, 2014

Play Ball! William Barron at bat

It's baseball season!  This is William's first year playing organized baseball.  He understood the game before he joined the team, but he had never officially played the game as a team member.  William was REALLY excited to start practice, and so far, he's just loves it.

Due to age restrictions within the Jenks baseball league requirements , William and a few other HH boys hooked up with Metro Christian 1st graders to form a baseball team.  The Metro kids are very nice and we are so thankful they were willing to welcome William onto their existing team.  So, William is a Patriot and just loves the uniform....especially knowing his name is on the backside of the shirt.  Dan and I enjoy all the parents and the coaches are wonderful towards the kids.  We couldn't be more pleased.

Every night before bed, Dan and William spend a hour throwing the ball and batting in the front yard.  William really enjoys practicing and I love to spy on their practice sessions from the windows upstairs.

The boys play a lot of games and most of them are on Tuesday nights at 6pm.  Unfortunately, I haven't been to many of the games because the ballpark is NOT a relaxing place to take a 3 and 1 year old not to mention it runs right into their bedtime.   If the girls went to a game, I would spend the entire time chasing them around and never get to watch William play.  So, Dan goes to all the games and sends me videos.  I did get a babysitter during his baseball tournament so I could see William play.  It sure is a lot of fun to watch him. 

So far in the season, William has a few RBIs on his stat record and he's made it to home plate too.  He's played right field, center field, third base and outfield.  He seems to like all the options and doesn't have a favorite.  His team even won 2nd place in their first tournament.  William hit the ball that brought his teammate from 3rd base to home and gave The Patriots the winning run.  SO PROUD!


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