Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Camel rides and zoo

Today Madison and I took the girls to the zoo.  We got there right at 9am when it opened so we could beat school crowds and enjoy the cool weather.  We ended up staying until 11:30. 

We saw the elephants first.   Anna was SO thrilled to see a real elephant in person.  She was stunned and completely intrigued.  I don't think she stopped staring at the big daddy elephant for 4 minutes.  She whispered "wwwooooowwww!" about 20 times.  It was so fun to watch her reactions as her mind clicked that animals are more than pictures in a book.  She enjoyed the penguins, lion, and tiger.   Her reaction to the giraffe was exactly the same wonder and excitement as the elephant encounter.  

We stopped at the playground to let the girls run around and eat an early lunch.  Then we decided to head towards the zoo train and take our train ride before Anna melted down.  

On the way to the train we passed the camel rides.  Adeline pointed to the camels and yelled "oh mom! I need to ride that camel!  Can I please ride the camel? Pleeeeeaaaassseee?!"   I cracked up thinking she was kidding, but she was busting out of her skin to sit on that camel.  

There was no one in line, so I let her give it a whirl.  She marched right up to the zookeeper and climbed on that camel's back.  She waved at me and shouted, "bye mom!"   She was beaming and laughing.   The zookeeper took her around a path and she loved it.   I was so impressed how brave she was to ride so high on her own.  

She didn't want to get off and asked me if she could ride again!   I asked her what it is like to ride a camel and she said "mom it is so fun but kinda bumpy."

A great morning for all of us!


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