Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

There is simply nothing like it.  

Christmas morning is the ultimate joy in a child's life.  William is no exception.  He's been waiting all year for this day to arrive, but not only just for him.  He's been waiting for Adeline to share this day with him.  It's one of the sweetest stories my heart holds and one that I cannot wait to share with him when he's older.  Since this summer, William has been telling Adeline about Santa Claus and how he'll bring her a toy and fly in a sleigh.  He's explained to her how they will have to wait at the top of the stairs together before Mom and Dad will let them run down and see the new toys. He's asked me repeatedly how Santa is going to know he has a sister this year and he'd remind me at random times how Sissy cannot talk and he's going to have to make sure Santa understands what to bring her.  As Christmas got closer, William's excitement for Christmas intensified and he'd talk to Adeline about Santa with a twinkle in his eye and complete joy in his voice.  

So Christmas Eve was upon us and William was anxious to go to bed so Santa could come to Bebe and Pop's house.  And boy did Santa deliver!

 I love this picture of the kids on the stairs right before we let them loose to run into the living room. Look at the smile on Adeline's face!

I also LOVE the expression on William's face when he saw the Playmobil airport terminal that ranked #1 on the list.  

He just kept saying, "Holy Cow!  Look at those airplanes and wow, my terminalllllllll!!!!"  

Santa also brought William a big wheel bike and his voice lite up with a thrill, "wow!  a new pedal bike!! how fun!!! I didn't even put that on my Santa list but boy, he knows how to surprise me!" 

He also got art supplies and remote control army tanks.  I'd say Santa spelled S.U.C.C.E.S.S. this year!

And my sweet baby girl.  What a joy to watch Adeline experience her very first Christmas.  She probably had no clue what was going on, but her fan club sure loved watching Christmas morning unfold with her in it!  Santa brought her a pink Princess cup - William was so delighted that his request was fulfilled! 

She also got some lego blocks which William quickly said, "Oh mom!  LOOK!  Now Adeline can build with me!"  

And Santa also gave Adeline a new baby doll, a cute tote bag and several puppet wash cloths for the bathtub.  

I don't think William looked up from his airplanes all day.  His imagination was in full force Christmas morning and he's not stopped flying planes, riding his bike or driving the army tanks.  Oh the joy of being a kid.  

And what I will take from this Christmas and all the days ahead is childhood innocence. That magic twinkle in my childrens' eyes. How they fully trust. How they love passionately. How they know how to squeeze every drop of fun out of a single ordinary moment and relish it wholeheartedly.


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