Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011


 For most of the years we lived in DC, our family never traveled over Thanksgiving.  We chose to travel one time and "cash in" on vacation days during Christmas.  We always travel to Oklahoma for the December holiday.  Before we had kids, Dan and I would take a trip over Thanksgiving or meet up with Bubba and Gram when they lived in Maryland.  When we had William, we started celebrating Thanksgiving at home or at a nearby hotel buffet with Bubba and Gram.

Now that we live in Oklahoma, Thanksgiving is a travel holiday for us and we couldn't be more pleased!  We hit the road to OKC on Tuesday night.  William watched a movie and Adeline was fast asleep.  We didn't have to stop once and zipped into town in 1.5 hours.  

We stayed for a week and had a nonstop holiday full of family, friends and fun.  Our highlight was celebrating Thanksgiving with Bubba and Gram.  It's tradition and we love it.  Bubba and Gram leave for Florida the first week in December, so Thanksgiving is a great way to spend time together and soak in grandparent love before they hit the trail.  This year was a delight as Joy and her kiddos were in town to celebrate with us.  We dined at The Skirvin hotel for Thanksgiving brunch and YUM!  It was delicious.   
William and Adeline got to play at Gram's house and William enjoyed tending to the roses, building army forts and watching Dada fix up his car.  Gram really knows how to entertain the boy and he always has a great time!

William also went to his first college football game - The SOONERS!  He was SO EXCITED to go with Pops and Dada to a real football game. He talked about "boys day out" and told me how cool the band was and how high the ball went up when the kicker had his turn. He wore his Sooner t-shirt and since it was only 50 degrees (with wind), he bundled up with a Sooner hat.  The smile on my boy's face doesn't even express the thrill!  He had such a great time.  Thank you for the tickets Pops!
One of William's favorite people in OKC is his cousin, Elin.  She's a doll and will follow William anywhere he goes.  She gets such a kick out of him and their conversations are so hilarious.  I brought along a Gingerbread house and told the kids they could decorate the house together.  Oh boy did they have fun!  
Both kids were so tempted to eat the candy, but they both kept telling each other that "the candy is for the house, not for our mouths."  They were VERY SERIOUS about their design and as you can see, they were so proud of the end results!

Adeline also loved her first Thanksgiving.  She sat in her highchair at brunch and did her own fine dining - puffs, a few peas, stuffing and a trusty serving of baby food.  Everyone loved passing her around and making her laugh.  She also played and received plenty of attention from her Bebe, Pops and Aunt Rachie.
We hit the road for Tulsa on Sunday and got back in record time.  Dan and I agree that driving 1.5 hours sure beats all those trips to the airport!  We are so THANKFUL for being back in Oklahoma. 


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