Saturday, December 3, 2011

A visit to see Santa

Every year I ask William if he wants to go visit Santa and tell him what he wants for Christmas.  And every year without a second of hesitation, William says, "No thank you."  He is not a fan of the Jolly Man in person nor does he care for up close contact with characters in costume.

But not this year.

I casually told William that I was going to take Adeline to meet Santa Claus after I picked him up from school.  I told him he could ride along and just hang out while she got her picture taken and sat on Santa's lap.  William got really quiet and I could tell he was thinking pretty hard........then he said, "You know Mom, I think I will talk to Santa this time because Adeline is going too. She can't talk so I need to tell Santa what she wants."  

And there you have it.  4.5 years of gathering the courage to sit on Santa's lap proved successful after the peer pressure from his 8 month old sister.
Utica Square has the most adorable Santa house.  It looks like a child's playhouse and you walk inside to meet Santa.  William was very excited, but cautious.  He stepped right up to meet him and launched into his laundry list of this year's airplane wish list.  He told Santa, "I love airplanes.  They are my most favorite thing and I want some new Matchbox airplanes, a terminal and some art supplies."  Santa listened closely and William was confident that Santa understood his request.
Adeline was all smiles at the Santa house.  She sat on Santa's lap and William quickly reached out to hold her hand.  She kicked around on Santa's lap and I got one picture of her before she sensed something was different.  Then my sweet little baby doll burst into tears.  I think she realized I wasn't holding her anymore.  But, everyone deserves a classic photo of their kiddo crying in Santa's arms!
William told Santa that Adeline is his sister and this will be her very first Christmas.  He was VERY SERIOUS when he told Santa, "My sister doesn't really know what she wants for Christmas, but I'd like you to bring her a few toys and a Princess cup."  
After we finished visiting Santa, we stepped out of the Santa House and headed back to the car.  William skipped along the sidewalk while holding my hand.  Then he said, "you know Mom, visiting Santa is really so much fun!"

Yes it is.  It only took 4.5 years, but I am so glad I FINALLY got the picture I hoped for!


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