Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rudolph snacks

William wanted to take his classmates a gift for Christmas.  In the past, I've always made reindeer food for his pals, but this year he wanted something different.  So, I showed him a few pictures of crafty treats, and he decided to on Rudolph.
 These snacks are really cute and super easy.  William's school is peanut free, so I ended up using red gum drops for the nose instead of red peanut M&Ms.  They are not as bright and colorful, but were big enough to fit inside the hole of the donut.   All you need:  chocolate donuts, pretzels, red peanut M&Ms, chocolate icing and sprinkles (or silver beads).
William was in charge of breaking the pretzels into antlers, and he did a good job of eating the leftovers.  After gluing on a few red noses, William gave me a pat on the back and took off to play airplanes.
23 Rudolphs later, I think we have a cute gift for his classmates!


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