Sunday, December 18, 2011

Peek-A-Boo Baby Girl!

Adeline LOVES peek-a-boo.  We play it 30 times a day and she never gets tired of it.  She belly laughs so hard and gets a real kick out of hiding her face.  We are usually first to start the game, but recently, I've caught her playing peek-a-boo by herself.  She might be over in the corner playing with her toys and next thing you know, she's got her blanket over her face and then she'll pull if off and laughs, laughs, laughs.  

If you say, "Whhhheeeere's Adeline?"  She'll put her hands on her head, over her ears and at times, right over her eyes.  She smiles with delight and seems thrilled to play a round of her game with you!  If I say, "Whhhhere's Mama?"  she'll bust out laughing and put her hands directly over my eyes.  It's pretty cute to watch and SO FUN to see her understand us and interact.

A few days ago, I was feeding her breakfast when she started the game herself.  I was able to capture a few cute pictures of my baby girl playin' her favorite PEEK-A-BOO game with me!


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