Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Brunch 2011

Our family went to the Santa brunch at the Tulsa Country Club today.  William was excited to see Santa again and have the chance to remind him of his wish list.  Dan and I were happy to go because we've been wanting to scout out the place as potential members.  

 The club was decorated to the hilt for the holidays and had this pretty sleigh on the front porch. 

Santa was in the very first room and since there was no line, we decided to step right up and visit him.  William reminded Santa that he'd already been to see him at The Santa House (Utica Square) and spent a few minutes going over the airplane wish list.   Then it was time for Dada to place Adeline on Santa's lap for a picture.  She knew IMMEDIATELY what we were doing and as you can see, she was not the slightest bit pleased.  Right when Dada picked her up, she stopped crying and buried her face in his jacket.
There were tons of kids in the dining room and we had a good table in the center of the room.  The buffet was delicious and our little family enjoyed some fine holiday dining!  
Before we left, we took a short tour of the facility and caught a glimpse of the swimming pool with a twisty slide.  William asked me if I brought his bathing suit, but I reminded him it was a chilly 45 degrees today.  


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