Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good-bye Great Elf!

On Christmas Eve, Great Elf waited by the fireplace for Santa to come along and pick him up.  William was so sad it was time to say good-bye to his elf.  He hugged him tight and told him how much he and Adeline loved him, and told Great Elf that he couldn't wait to see him in a year.  It was very sweet to see William's love for Great Elf and his concern for Great Elf's ride back to the North Pole. 

But on Christmas morning, William found a letter from Great Elf that brighted his day and gave him closure for a hard good-bye.

Dear William,

THANK YOU for letting me stay with you and your family this month.  I need to return to the North Pole with Santa now, but I will be back next year.  I loved playing airplanes and building with your blocks.  Please give Adeline a kiss from me and keep being the BEST KID I have ever met.  

Your Buddy,
Great Elf


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