Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Letter from Santa 2011

Santa came to visit William and Adeline!!  Not only did he leave a HUGE surprise for each of them, he also wrote them a letter and left it by the fireplace.  

Dear William and Adeline,

Thank you for the cookies and carrots.  I was starving from my sleigh ride over Oklahoma.  I also thank you for taking care of Great Elf.  He loves you and told me how much William loves airplanes and Adeline loves pink.

William - I sure hope you enjoy this new airport terminal you asked me to make this year.  My elves worked super hard on these new airplanes too.  I am sorry I couldn't make Fedex this year.  We ran out of cargo plane parts - so many kids like them!  I think you are one of the most kind friends and the best big brother.  I am proud of your hard work and I've heard about your love for drawing.  I thought you might want some new art supplies this year to help you practice drawing your airports.  Love you kiddo!

Adeline - You are a sweetie pie!  Hope you love your new doll and princess cups.  William told me how much he wanted you to have a princess cup for the bathtub.  I love your smile and your family adores you.



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