Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adeline's 12m doctor visit

Today was Adeline's 12 month visit at the doctor.  She was fired up for the car ride and when we got to the doctor's office, she was thrilled to see the gigantic slide and climbing toy in the waiting room.  She walked around and chatted with everyone, waved her hands like she was conducting a band, rode the slide about 20 times and was basically on cloud 9.

But it all changed when my baby girl heard the loud crinkle noise.  yep.  the white paper that covers the patient's table.  the crinkle noise.  

Adeline stopped dead in her tracks.   She looked up at me and the glory in her face melted into bug eyes and plain ol' stare of "I know exactly where we are now."  I felt so bad.  She didn't cry right off, but she was VERY skeptical from the moment I undressed her until the doctor left the room.  Aside from her nerves, she performed like a rock star and the doc even told me she might as well be 15 months old.  Yeah for Adeline!

But when I had to lay her down on that white paper with the loud crinkle noise, my sweet little girl just burst into inconsolable tears.   It was like she knew that 2 shots were coming quick.  Oh how I HATE watching babies get shots.  Hate it.  And to hold my Adeline down while she cried crocodile tears was simply a low parenting moment in my history books.  It hurts me every single time!  Luckily, the nurse was super fast and I quickly scooped Adeline up into my arms and held her tight.  Oh she was so sad.  But all tears were cleared with a few sips from her cup and her pacifier. 

Adeline's stats:

24.10 lbs
31 inches long 94%tile - GO ADELINE!
Notes:  no more bottles!  whole milk in a sippy cup to be served at meal time and before bed.  sips are fine at this age and baby is not expected to finish an entire cup serving in one sitting.  good to know! 


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