Saturday, April 21, 2012

A beauty with bangs

Adeline's crazy hair is simply who she is and we love that about her.  It shoots off in different directions, sticks straight up in the back and is scraggly along the sides. I spray it down and comb it all the time, but by the end of the day, it's back to being crazy.  And yet, I can't bring myself to give her an official haircut.  I want it to grow longer before we attempt to shape it up and trim it. 
However, the front was all in her eyes and giving her fits.  So, I compromised and gave her bangs.  They are so cute and it's amazing how a tiny little change makes her look such much older.  She sat on my lap and licked a sucker while the hairdresser carefully trimmed her hair.  I hated that I couldn't get any pictures while I was holding her, but I promise on her "official haircut day,"  I will be armed with my camera and video!

Adeline - 13 months


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