Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a whirlwind Easter weekend in OKC.  It was filled with EGG-cellent fun.  

 William and Elin had fun dying eggs on the back porch.  The thrill was gone in about 5 minutes, but nevertheless, it was one festive bit of fanfare to ring in our Easter.  William enjoyed double and triple dipping his eggs to make a rainbow of random colors while Elin spent her time dying her eggs purple.  

Easter morning, William was eager to get downstairs early so he could check the front yard for eggs and find his Easter basket.  His basket was on the kitchen table and inside he found a coloring book, new swim goggles, a book about US Presidents and a water shooter.  Pleased as punch!  He was even more thrilled to know that the Easter Bunny had come overnight and placed 35 eggs in Bebe and Pop's yard.  "35 EGGS MOM!  WOW!  Can you believe that!??"  He was desperate to go outside and snatch up his loot, but the early morning was cold and we were all trying to run around and get out the door for church.  
But, I assured him that he could hunt for his eggs right after we got home.  And man, did William bolt out of the car after church.  He wasted NO time at all and gathered up his eggs.  He ate a few M&Ms, then hunted some more, then ate again, and you see how this pattern went on and on......
Some eggs contained money and William was SO EXCITED to count all the change he found.  In the end, he collected $5.34.  And in true William fashion, he very seriously looked at me and said, "Mom, does this mean that with my egg money and my piggy bank money I now have enough dollars to buy a private jet?"  
Oh how CUTE is my little man?  The pilot in him is just desperate to own a plane.  Someday buddy. Someday buddy.  But, I have a feeling it is going to take more than a million egg hunts to buy a private plane.  Oh the dreams of a child!

Adeline had a great Easter too.  She spent most of the egg hunt walking around the front yard while shaking her eggs up and down.  She thought the process was really entertaining, but I have a feeling she had no idea what was going on.   When I gave her Easter basket to her, her eyes beamed.  Inside was a Huggims baby doll wearing a bunny jacket.  Adeline grinned and worked hard to pull her baby out of the basket while exclaiming, "Baby! Baby!" and hugging her neck.  She also got a bottle of bubbles and hot pink sunglasses.  

The day completely got away from me, so I didn't get a great picture of the kids together holding their baskets.  But, I at least got some cute ones from their egg hunt.  

And, I have saved the best news for last.....

The kids came to OKC wearing very important t-shirts that brought squeals of joy and delight to my family members!  Blessings abound!


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