Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Drillers verse The Springfield Cardinals

Friday night was another night at the ballpark for the Barrons.  We headed to Oil Field in Tulsa with our friends, The Schwerdtfegers.  Dan and Tyson work together and William and Owen are in the same grade at Holland Hall.  Since moving to Tulsa, Kenna, Owen's mom, has been a wonderful friend to me.  Her little girl, kate is a cutie.  The guys scored seats in the company's box, and the kids were so excited to watch the game together.

The game started at 7pm, Adeline's bedtime.....but our girl rallied like a rock star and by the time we hit the ballpark, she was so excited.  I think all the people, the chaos, and being in the great outdoors totally preoccupied her.  She was pretty good, but wanted to run and explore constantly. Dan and I took turns chasing her around and after about 3 innings I had to leave and bring her home.

Meanwhile, Dan and William stayed the entire game and capped off the night with a fantastic fireworks display.  The Drillers mascot, Hornsby, made a surprise appearance in the Alliance Company suite.  I had already left with Adeline, so Kenna snapped this cute picture of the boys.  The first thing William told me when he got home was "Mom, I met my first Mascot.  He was real nice because you know mom, the mascot is just a guy in a costume."  Yes my friend, that is EXACTLY what I have been trying to tell you for the last 3 years!  So glad he siezed the moment and stood by Hornsby with a big smile on his face!

We had a great time and can't wait to return to the ballpark with our friends!


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