Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boys Weekend 2012

Last weekend, Adeline and I went to OKC for the weekend.  My friend Lindsey was in town from Richmond, VA and invited us to a Sip and See introducing her daughter, Elizabeth.  Our little trip out of Tulsa left Dan and William to declare "BOYS WEEKEND!"

William was so excited for Adeline and I to leave town.  Ha!  I knew he would miss us, but I could tell he was really looking forward to hanging out with Dan and having all of his Dada's attention.  Saturday morning he kept asking me what time Adeline and I would get in the car so Boys Weekend could start!  He literally ushered me out the door!

Before I skipped out of town, I asked William what he had planned for Boys Weekend and this was his list:
  • Stay up as long as they want
  • play Ipad longer than his 30 minute turn
  • never brush their teeth
  • no girls allowed
  • no rules
  • eat whatever they want whenever they are hungry
  • cruise in the car with the windows down
The list made me chuckle and I just knew William and Dada would have a great adventure.  Unfortunately, I took the camera with me to OKC which left Dan with his blackberry camera.  Most of the pictures documenting their weekend are from the blackberry, but nonetheless, I am so glad to have them in the memory books.

Saturday Boys Weekend:

Dada and William drove to Fort Gibson.  Dada treated William to a new Calvary hat and a badge.  Then they headed back to Tulsa to attend a birthday party for William's friend, Nicholas.

After the birthday party, Boys Weekend rolled into Incredible Pizza for a night of miniature golf, arcade games and all you can eat pizza.  William LOVED this place.   Dan said it was really crowded, but they stayed a long time.  William told me he played lots of games including one where he had to smash ducks with a mallet.
After a full day of on the go activity, the boys returned home and settled in for the night.  William proudly told me that they partied hard and didn't go to bed until 11:30 p.m.  HA!  I knew it.   I knew William was going to hold out as long as he could in order to enjoy his list of rules for Boys Weekend.  I am sure he thought it was SO COOL to stay up until midnight.  Heck, you're only 5 once so you might as well party like a rockstar when Mom is out of town.

The boys woke up on Sunday and loafed around for awhile.  They decided to go fishing and hit up Walmart for a rod and reel.  Dan sent this cute picture of William waiting for a bite.  He happily told me that lots of fish nibbled at this rod, but they didn't end up catching anything.  "Mom, it was really no big deal.  Dada showed me how to cast the pole into the water and then we had to wait a long time and watch for the fish to bite.  We got a few bites, but we didn't pull anything out of the water.  That was ok.  It was nothing to get sad about.  We'll get them next time.  It sure was fun."
Adeline and I returned to Tulsa late Sunday afternoon.  I couldn't wait to get the full weekend report from William.  I could tell in his voice that he had the time of his life with Dada.  There were even a few things that William insisted he couldn't tell me.  They were "only for the boys to know about."  hmmmmmm..........

After getting a brief summary of Boys Weekend, William promptly asked, "So when are you leaving town again Mom?"


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