Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ollies Station CHOO! CHOO!

Saturday afternoon we ventured to Ollies Station for lunch.  It's a family owned "diner" style restrauant in Tulsa.  The entire place is dressed up in a train theme.  We thought William would really have fun watching the trains run on their tracks while we ate lunch.  And sure enough, William LOVE IT!
Ollie's website description:   Ten running trains, from G-scale to Z-scale, run the length of the dining room and through scale model cities and towns. Our walls and shelves abound with railroad memorabilia. Ollies is located in old downtown Redfork on a corner that's been here since 1894.  Railroads, oil wells, and the famous Route 66 all merge at Redfork Corner to give young and old a touch of history and some of the best food in Oklahoma. 

During lunch he told Dan and I how he was going to work at Ollies Station when he grew up.  He also told us how he'll open up a similar resturant, but instead of trains he'll have airplanes flying everywhere!  We got a kick out of his idea.  I love William's imagination.  He is so passionate about flight.

I gave William my phone and told him to take a few pictures while he looked around the restrauant.  Seriously, there are trains EVERYWHERE.  EVERYWHERE.  Here are a few of William's best shots.

And a side note - I found this picture on my phone the other day.  William set the table at Cheesecake Factory.  I was so surprised because I had no idea he even knew the correct pattern for setting the table!  Guess I have a new handy helper at dinner time!  Look at the pride on my boy's face!


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