Monday, October 1, 2012

Adeline meets Anna

Anna was born on a Tuesday and by Tuesday night I was tired and ready to take it easy.  It was very important to me that on the day the kids met their sister, I would be feeling well enough to enjoy it and remember their first moment together.  I also didn't want to be hooked up to machines and IVs because I really did not want William to be frightened or worried about me.  So, Dan and I decided that instead of the kids coming together to meet Anna on her birthday, William could come by himself.  That decision worked out great and William had his turn with Anna on Tuesday night.  I felt good and I was able to enjoy watching William talk to Anna and ineract with her.  Those snapshots are in my memory bank forever!

On Wednesday evening, Dada brought Adeline to meet Anna.  William was already with me and Bebe at the hospital and it was VERY important to us that we capture Adeline's reaction on video.  So, Bebe stood outside my door with the kids and Dan got ready with the camera. 

When the door opened, I was sitting in the rocking chair holding Anna and Dada had the video rolling.  Adeline walked in very slowly and quietly.  She saw me and she saw the camera and then she tucked her chin to her chest like she was embarassed by all the attention.  Bless her heart.  William was SO excited and hollering at Adeline to look at Anna and there was so much energy in the air that it became chaotic pretty quick! 

After a few seconds, Adeline was a little more sure of the situation and came over and gave me a hug.  I will admit that I wanted to burst into tears when I saw her......I held it together for the sake of the moment, but oh, I really, really had missed my Adeline the last 2 days.  She is my buddy and we are together all the time, but of course being in the hospital (and only day 2!) left me a little lonely for my girl. 

Dada and I didn't really know how Adeline would react to Anna in my arms.  But, Adeline LOVED her from the moment she saw her.  "BAAAAAABBBBBBBBYYYYY! CUTE!" was her first reaction and then she wanted to climb up next to William and watch Anna move around.  Adeline slowly patted her head and then saw Anna's "Pah-hee" (pacifier) and wanted to find her own.  Luckily, Bebe had one in her purse and Adeline quickly grabbed it so she could be like Anna.  I don't mind a bit.  Adeline's first love are her pacis and I usually restrict them to nap time.  But, if that is all it took for Adeline to welcome Anna into our family without a fuss, then so what!  I was relieved that Adeline didn't get mad at me for holding Anna or show any jealousy during their first time together.  Yes, I know those things might show up later on down the road, but in that first moment in the hospital together, my big girl fell in love with her little sister.

It didn't take long for William and Adeline to start up a game of tag in my hospital room.  They ran around and climbed on the bed and had a grand ol' time being wild and crazy kids who both missed their mama.  So, after 45 minutes or so, Bebe took the kids home for the night. 

I took time that evening to load a few pictures on my computer.  As I looked through the pictures from Adeline's first visit to see Anna, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace in my heart.  I saw pictures of 3 beautiful kids.......MY very OWN children. And I see Dada.
I cannot think of a more amazing husband and father.

  And as I starred at pictures of my three precious little people together for the first time, everything in my life felt right.  Anna was here and she was the missing piece to my heart.  How God knows my deepest desires and He leaves me breathless with every gift.


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