Monday, October 29, 2012

Kiddie Park Spookarama

Last Friday night, we traveled to Bartlesville to the annual Spookarama at the kiddie park.  I blogged about the Kiddie Park several months ago when we took the kids during the summer.  It's a cute, little park with 25 cent rides that you'd find at a fair (boat ride, train ride, airplanes, carousel, ferris wheel, etc).  In October, the kiddie park hosts "Spookarama" where the kids get to wear their costumes and the park is decorated in a Halloween theme.  William heard about it and talked about it for weeks, so we decided to try it out.

I didn't bother putting Adeline in her Halloween costume because she's so little and the weather was cold.  She was in a coat and buried in the stroller, so you'd never know she wasn't in costume.  William was fired up to sport his Fighter Pilot outfit.  He loves any chance to wear it.  So when we got to the park, he changed into his costume and off we went into the kiddie park for some evening fun.  There were TONS of kids and most of them had on costumes.  Anna was buried down in the carrier and snugly warm against me.

Since we'd been to the park before, William knew which rides he wanted to go on and that helped us avoid a lot of needless waiting around.  He chose the boat ride, the carousel, and the airplanes.  Most lines were pretty long, so just a few rides was the key to success.

I took William to ride his choice rides while Dada took Adeline on several carousel rides.  I got a few shots of our fun, but it was dark and the rides moved pretty quick.

After 1.5 hours, we headed to our hotel.  The kids ran around the hotel room until about 10 pm and then Adeline crashed so we all went to sleep.  We had a suite which made it easier to all be in the same room with Anna.  I slept "down the hall" (about 15 paces), William and Dada had the queen bed and Adeline was in the pack and play.  It worked out surprisingly well and everyone slept pretty good.

We took the kids to the pool after breakfast and it was a slight disappointment.  The water was FREEZING and the kids just couldn't take it.  I was only willing to go as deep as my ankles - it was SO COLD.  Despite the quick swim, William and Adeline thought staying in a hotel was super fun. 

We headed back to Tulsa later that afternoon.  William was thrilled we took a road trip and he cannot wait to go back to the kiddie park in the spring.


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