Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anna meets Gram, Bubba and Ann

Last weekend, Anna had the privilege of meeting her Bubba and Gram for the first time.  Dan's sister, Ann, was also in town visiting her parents so it was even more exciting that Anna got to meet her cousin Jake and Auntie Ann as well.  The troops came to Tulsa on Saturday and spent the afternoon with us.  Gram held Anna in such a tight grip that even super glue wouldn't win a match with her!  I think Miss Anna was taken by her Gram because she nestled down in her arms and slumbered for most of the visit.

William had the time of his life with his cousin Jake and his Auntie Ann.  They baked cookies, went out for pizza, hit the Omniplex for 3 hours and played on the Ipad.  It was a treat for William to see Jake because they are the best of friends and only 4 months apart.  When I asked William what he enjoyed about Jake, he said, "Mom Jake is just my best cousin and I was so surprised how much he had grown since I saw him.  He loves to play army and we showed each other our favorite Ipad games." 

Saturday night when I put William to bed he cried himself to sleep just bawling and bawling.  He could barely contain himself through tears.  He missed Jake SO MUCH that I ached for him.  He LOVES people with all his heart and it was incredibly hard for him to let Jake go back to VA.  I reassured William that soon enough he could go to D.C. and see Jake again. 

As for now, I think Facetime on Ipad will be our link of friendship!


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