Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anna is one week old


Miss Anna,

Today you are one week old!  I cannot believe it.  The days have flown by, and I find myself asking, "What did we ever do without you?" 

In your first week of life you have proved to be a fantastic eater.  You took to your bottle from day one and at a week old, you drink 2 ounces of formula about every 3-4 hours.  You fit snuggly in a size newborn diaper and you love to snooze most of the day. 

The nights are my favorite time with you.  I love when you look at me in the darkness and lay on my chest.  You know I am here and together we just talk and visit about your day.  You love to hold my finger and you also like your pacifier from the hospital. 

One week down and a lifetime to go........we love you Anna Elizabeth and I cannot wait to see the little girl you become.



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