Thursday, October 4, 2012

School lunch date with my William

Today, William's class took a field trip to Fresh Market as part of their "healthy eating and food groups" unit.  I had a doctor's appointment and couldn't attend the field trip.  William was a little disappointed and I know he wanted me to go.  Fresh Market is right down the street and probably the most convenient field trip for me all year, but I just couldn't cancel my doctor's appointment.

Instead, I asked William if I could have lunch with him in the cafeteria this afternoon.  His eyes lit up and he turned his frown upside down.  He was DELIGHTED with the idea. 

At William's request, I showed up at 11:40 a.m. with McDonald's in hand.  William grabbed my hand and took me into the cafeteria and together we found his lunch table.  He explained to me (in a very serious Kindergartner way) that they don't know who they get to sit by everyday.  He has to look for his place card.  We found his spot and I got to chat with his buddies about the everyday highs and lows of Kindergarten life. 

 William held my hand for most of lunch and told me three times how glad he was that I came to have lunch with him.  He was really, really proud and so pleased.  Lunch in the cafeteria was food for this mama's soul.  I LOVED giving William 100% of my attention.  We both needed a dose of time with each other and our lunch date was the perfect choice! 

Thank you WBB for letting your Mom come to school and have lunch.  I know you won't want to eat with me in few years, so I am going to soak up every chance I can get before I become "embarrassing."

Side note:  I forgot it was free dress day at school and I sent William in his uniform.  The second I saw kids in the hallway, I knew I had goofed.  So, I sent Bebe home to grab a t-shirt and William was pleased as punch to wear his Angry Birds at school.  He told me he wasn't upset that I forgot because there were a few other kids in their uniform.  I told him I was sorry that I goofed and even moms make mistakes.  I think between delivering a new baby, staying in the hospital 5 days and coming home to packing boxes, a newborn and an upcoming move just put me behind in the planning department.  Sorry William!

As for Anna, she was happy just having a bottle under a tree at school with Bebe.  School lunch is only 30 minutes, so Bebe and Anna just hung out in the parking lot. 


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