Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Anna and Mama go home

Back track a few posts.....

My c-section allowed me to stay in the hospital until Saturday.  I was all packed up and ready to go.  However, when the doctor made his rounds on Saturday morning, he told me my blood pressure was very high and he wanted me to stay all day so they could monitor me and draw my blood for lab tests.  He told me that I might be able to go home Saturday night if everything checked out, but not to get my hopes up.  I quickly called Dan and told him the news.  He and William decided to wait to come see me until later that evening when I would have the results of my blood test.

As it turned out, my doctor was right.  My blood pressure remained abnormal all day long, but my blood work check out just fine.  The doctor told me I needed to stay another night in the hospital so the nurses could take my blood pressure every 4 hours around the clock.  He started me on blood pressure medicine and Anna and I settled in for another 24 hours at the hospital.

I will admit I was a little disappointed that I wasn't going home as I had planned.  At the same time, I knew my health was most important and another night at the hospital would afford me 2 full additional days of rest.  So, I made the most of my stay but laying in bed with my baby girl on my chest.  We napped, we played, she spent some time in the nursery, but most of all, we got to spend 2 more days together.  Just us.  Alone.  And I absolutely LOVED every minute of it. 

Call me crazy, but I tell people all the time that one of my most favorite memories is the time spent in the hospital with my babies.  I always tell my friends to take advantage of the hospital stay and not to try to rush it along.  It's the only time we were completely alone and I simply reveled in those first few days and moments we shared together. I got more rest and I know that helped with my recovery and ability to bounce back quickly. It was such a peaceful time for me and having the nurses wait on me and take care of Anna was a huge perk!  I somewhat felt like we were in a hotel!  ha.

On Sunday morning, my blood pressure numbers had come down significantly and I was discharged to go home.  I decided to stay until 3:30 p.m. for a little more rest and the chance to have my blood pressure taken a few more times by the nurses.

William and Dada came to pick me up late in the afternoon.  William took Anna on her last spin down the hospital hallways and I climbed aboard my wheelchair to head home. 

Leaving the hospital was bittersweet.  I don't know how to explain it exactly, but it tugged at my heart a little bit to leave.  It marks a new beginning, a new phase for our family and a fresh, new little life who we love with all our hearts. 


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