Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Campbell and Cookies

A few weeks ago, William invited his best buddy from school, Campbell, over to the house to play and to decorate cookies.  Campbell and William first met each other when they were 19 month old classmates at First Baptist Church Mother's Day Out.  They became fast friends (as did the moms!) and both made the leap to "big kid school" at Grace Episcopal this year. 

It's very sweet to watch them interact.  You can tell they share a special bond of friendship and spend most of their school days watching out for one another.  As a mom, it makes me very happy just to know that William has a close friend at school who will stand up for him.  I love to watch them play together because they get along so well and truely enjoy each other's company.  I treasure my own friends dearly, and it makes my heart light up to see William forge such a close friendship with several little people at this young age.  You are a super buddy Campbell!


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