Sunday, December 5, 2010

WBB 2010 Christmas Ornament

Ever since William was born, I have needlepointed a Christmas ornament for him.  The goal is for William to have a special collection of memory ornaments when he's older.  This year marks ornament #3.  I try to find needlepoint canvases that reference a special memory of the year, a particular obsession, a trip we took, etc.  I also have a stash of ornament canvases in my needlepoint bag that I have picked up on sale or someone has given me as a gift.   

I searched for a needlepoint canvas with Santa in an airplane (since airplanes are a huge 2010 obsession and continue to stay at the top of our list!) or even just a holiday airplane, but I didn't have any luck.  So, I picked this cute Santa Claus carrying a pack of presents on his back.  It was in my stash of ornaments, and I decided to embellish it with airplane charms in order to highlight William's love of flying.  I think it turned out really cute.  William loves the airplane charms and played with them for about 30 minutes before letting me stitch them onto the canvas!

Merry Christmas WBB!  I hope you will treasure your handmade ornament collection when you are older.  Mom Mom stitched each tiny hole with great love for her best boy!


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