Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flight Missions

Dada came up with a really fun game that William just adores.  They each pick out a fighter plane from William's overflowing airport, and then they suit up for their flight mission.  The flight suits are merely coats, hats and backpacks, but each layer is taken seriously by Pilot Barron.  He makes sure they are ready for their "secret mission on Walter Reed Drive." 
The duo takes off from our front porch and they fly down the stairs, across the parking lot and onto the bike trail where they launch their secret flight mission to the creek.  They walk down the trail flying their planes while Pilot Dada gives the countdown and Pilot Barron launches the bombs (aka sweet gums and rocks).  

On cold days, the pilots call Captain Mom Mom on their radio and she drives the army tank (dada's jeep) down the street to the site of the secret mission to pick up the pilots.  Pilot Barron gets a real kick out of Mom Mom's participation and it's really cute to watch him stay in character the whole time.   William LOVES when Dada announces it's time to fly on a secret mission and he'll drop whatever he's doing to play the game with Dada.
Oh the joys of being 3!


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