Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just for the record. WBB Christmas list 2010

WBB 2010 Christmas List "Put it on my Christmas list Mom Mom"

    * Playmobil private business jet for 4 year olds (says so on the box)
    * airport hangar
    * tiny blue airlines with winglets (hmm?)
    * Galaxy airplane with a new front wheel because mine doesn't have a front wheel to stand up ok
    * a kid size mop
    * a friendly vaccum that won't suck up my airplanes
    * that great big space shuttle
    * a white button down shirt like the real pilots wear - done
    * real pilot shoes - done
    * F-15 fighter jet from Target
    * a light saver
    * that airplane he just saw high in the sky
    * Matchbox airport in the "big blue box"
    * Lego Airplane "when I am 7 because that is what the box says"
    * British Airways Books

  • And a TON of model airplanes on stands like they have at the airport - American, Ryanair, Delta, Northwest, Fedex Cargo, and Santa's choice.  I want to build them so we need to ask Santa to keep them in the box when he brings them to my house.
  • A remote control airplane for me to fly around.
  • And a replacement plane for Southwest and Air Tran since I have played with them so much that they are missing a wing.  
  • Busytown board game
  • a globe of the world with an equator
  • and baby sister needs a baby doll and shoes


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