Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winlands in Washington


My best friend since kindergarten married a man from McLean, VA.  Little did we know how handy that would be once I moved to DC, married Dan and 7 years later.....we are still here!  

Lori and Chris live in Austin, Texas and they switch off doing Christmas in OKC and VA.  Depending on the holiday year, we either have the chance to see each other or miss each other completely.  

Well, this was their year in DC and since we are not traveling due to the pending arrival of baby girl Barron, WE GOT TO SEE EACH OTHER! HURRAY!  Henry Winland and William Barron are 7 months apart, yet they were fast friends and ask about each other often.  Lori and I think it is so fun that we both have boys so close in age who really like each other and play well together.  Lori has another sweet little baby, Alex, who I was thrilled to see too.  He's changed so much since our last gathering over the summer.

So the Winland gang was gracious enough to carve out a few hours of their holiday plans for us today.  They came to our house this afternoon for a playdate.  The boys played with every toy in our war chest while the dads chatted about the new flat screen tv.  Lori and I gabbed and gabbed about everything under the sun just trying to get it all in before we had to say good-bye.  

After stuffing their faces with reindeer cookies and milk, the boys gave each other a big hug and said good-bye.  It was adorable to watch them wave at each other and shout "see ya next time!" as Henry headed to the car.  

Best friends with the best boys!


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