Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grace Episcopal School Christmas Program

Last Friday was William's all school Christmas program at Grace Episcopal.  The show started at 10am, but I went early to nab some seats close to the front.  Dan brought William to school a little later and joined me in the front row (it pays off to go early!) - such the preschool parent!.  

The school is only preschool-5th grade, so the show was not terribly long.  Preschool filed in first and I watched William settle into his seat, fold his hands in his lap and just sit there.  quietly.  hmmm, not so much at home!  When the show started, preschool performed first.  William marched up on the stage like an ol' pro and did exactly as he was told.  He sang his heart out and did a few hand motions.  I could tell he was looking around trying to find us, so I gave a small wave and he beamed.  

Once preschool was done, each of the other grades sang a short song or performed with the musical instruments.  Then it was over.  Nice and quick.  

It was cute to watch all the children up on the stage, and I was so proud of William's first try on the big stage at Grace.  Job well done WBB!


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