Monday, December 20, 2010

The Colossal Cupcake for Christmas

I never thought William paid attention to commercials on tv until now.  He saw an ad for the Wilton colossal Cupcake pan and JUST HAD TO HAVE IT. 

It went down like this:

William: "MOOOOOOOOOM MMMMOOOOM!  Come quick and see this on tv.  I need to go to the pan store and buy that colossal cupcake pan so we can make it."

Me:  "well, that is so big.  I am not sure what we'd do with a cupcake that enormous....."

William:  "Mom Mom we need to get that colossal cupcake pan for Baby Jesus' birthday and then we can make two and give one to Baby Jesus and one to me on my birthday.  Ok?  Let's do it."

That was a week ago.  I tracked down a colossal cupcake pan because as you can tell, every household should clearly have one.  

Then tonight, this was our conversation out of the blue as I was putting him to bed:

William: "Mom Mom, I have one more question.  Ok?  We need to make that colossal cupcake for Baby Jesus.  But, how are we going to get it to him since he lives so far away?"

Me:  "Well, we probably can't mail it because that would make a mess for the Postman.  So, I think we should make the cupcake and you, Dada and Mom Mom can all sing "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve before Santa comes."  

William:  "But Baby Jesus won't be here to eat the cake. We need to leave Santa a note so he doesn't eat the whole colossal cupcake and he might want to borrow our calculator.   Do you think we can save Baby Jesus a piece?  I also don't think he will hear us sing the song because he is so high up in the stars."

Me:  "Well, he'll be in our hearts and I bet he'll be so thankful that we tried our best."

William:  "Ok.  I wonder if he likes chocolate icing?"


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