Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Candy Cane and a North Pole Breakfast

 Our very special Christmas elf made a surprise appearance last Saturday morning.   When we all came down stairs for breakfast, there was this cute little elf sitting at our kitchen table.  He had worked all night to create a very special North Pole breakfast for William Barron.  You should have seen William's eyes light up as big as saucers when he turned the corner into the kitchen and saw this spread:
"Wow!  Mom Mom!  What isssssssss thhhhhiiiisssss?"  He was grinning from ear to ear.  He immediately went to his seat and sat down next to the elf.  He picked him up and just giggled and giggled, "Mom Mom look! Who is this guy? How did he get here?"  I told him I wasn't sure who he was, but that he'd written a Christmas tree letter for us AND brought him a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse night light.  

William was eager to hear it, so Dada and I read it aloud:

" Dear William,

I am one of Santa's special elves from the North Pole.  I have been very busy helping Santa build toys at his workshop.  It is a lot of fun, but burr!!  It's cold there too!  Santa told me to come visit you, your baby sister and your mom and dad.  He wants me to stay with you until Christmas Eve and make sure you are a good little boy.  I know you are such a good friend, a wonderful listener, and you love to play!  I saw all your airplanes and told Santa to be sure and pack the sleigh with new planes and toys that you will be happy to add to your collection.  Remember to listen to your parents and teachers.  Be sure to eat a good healthy meal and most of all, Santa is so proud of you!  You are a very special boy.  Thanks for letting me stay at your house.  P.S. Santa thought you would would like this night light and can you give me a good name?" - Love  Elf

William never stopped smiling.  He was intrigued by the North Pole breakfast and kept asking how the elf was able to make the breakfast and bring it from the North Pole without melting the snowball donuts.  And was it really safe for a person to eat the reindeer food (How do you keep from laughing)?  We explained that Santa must have sent him to stay with us until Christmas Eve and how fun it will be to have a new friend in our home.  William decided to name him Candy Cane and carried him all over the house in order to show him every single toy.  They even watched a few Gemini Jets on YouTube.  
Candy Cane has been a delightful addition to our family of 3.  He's quiet, never asks for a thing and William loves toting him around town.  He's even made a star appearance at Show and Tell during Preschool.   

One of the highlights for William is putting Candy Cane on his dresser at night and telling him, "sleep tight Candy Cane.  I will see you in the morning."  Then when William wakes up, Candy Cane is missing from the dresser and we have to bolt down stairs to find out where he flew too during the night.  This game will never get old around here for William!


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