Thursday, December 2, 2010

Merry Christmas Santa Claus 2010

William has been telling me that we need to "decorate the entire house for Christmas" and since we have about 1000 square feet to move around in, I usually don't get many decoration out.  This way, it's less to trip over and heck, I don't have alot of places to put it!  

But, he's been asking to put something on the front door so Santa knows where we live.  Since he loved making the Thanksgiving turkey project with me, I decided we could make a Santa Claus.  So after school today, we came home and constructed our jolly ol' St. Nick.  I was impressed that William actually put the facial features in the right place on his face!  We used marshmellows for the hat and of course, he had to eat not one, but two.

I think Santa looks pretty cute! And, I am sure Santa will know exactly where this little pilot lives!


Rachel said...

That's the Cutest thing!!

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