Monday, September 10, 2012

A trip to the hospital!

Saturday night I went to bed feeling "ok" but not great.  I couldn't pin point exactly what it was that was bothering me, but I was tired and thought I just needed to rest.  I woke up 3 times that night feeling nauseous and uncomfortable.  By morning, I was still feeling off and there were many moments when I just had to sit down because my back was hurting so badly.

Looking at this picture shows me just how tired and worn out I am!

By 10am, I told Dan that there was no way I was going to make it though the day.  I felt terrible.  I told him we needed to go to the hospital so I could hook up to the monitors in labor and delivery.  William and Adeline were both scheduled c-sections and I have never experienced any sign of labor with my pregnancies until now.  I wasn't sure I was in labor, but I did know that I didn't feel normal. 

So, Dan and I calmly loaded up the kids and put my bag in the car.  We told William I had a doctor's appointment at the hospital and we'd be there for "just a little bit."  I texted my babysitter to see if she would be around to relieve Dan should my monitoring turn into a baby delivery.  I decided to hold off calling extended family until I could get some answers and a status report on my condition.

When I got to the hospital, I walked to labor and delivery while Dan took on the kids.  I told the nurses that I was feeling "off" and had felt lower back pain all morning.  They took me back to the monitoring area and I was hooked up to the machines in a matter of minutes. 

First and most importantly, the baby was great. She had the hiccups and was moving around.  I was so relieved.  The nurses decided to watch the monitors for 1 hour.  They took my blood and sent it to the lab so I had another 45 minutes to wait on the monitor.  About 2 hours later, the doctor came in to visit with me and told me my blood counts were completely normal and the baby looked great.  She told me she had not seen any signs of labor on my monitor printouts, and she was pretty sure it was false labor along with me just overdoing it.  Afterall, it's hot outside and I am constantly moving ALL DAY long with 2 kids.  As much I would love to sit and kick my feet up, there is always something to do at home and 2 little people who need my constant attention. 

At the end of our conversation, the doctor glanced over at the monitor and noticed that I had experienced 3 contractions (although small) right in a row.  Knowing my history of 2 c-sections and a uterine window with a high risk pregnancy, she decided to keep me on the monitors for another hour and included an IV drip of water to rehydrate me.

The IV of water was a game changer.  I felt SO much better after I had the fluids in me.  I didn't realize how dehydrated I was and again, my body simply just can't keep up.  I drink water all the time, but obviously, I wasn't getting enough to sustain myself, a baby and all my physical activity. 

Once the IV drip was done, the doctor and nurse checked me over and gave me the ok to go on home.  I called Dan and he was in the hospital playroom with the kids.  I met up with them and we headed to the car.  William asked a million questions.  He wasn't exactly scared, but he was very curious why my appointment was SOOOOO long and took 4 hours.  He wanted to know about the bandage on my wrist (the IV wound) and what it was like to give blood.  I explained everything in the most "exciting" voice I could muster for such a situation.  I told him about the "really awesome" IV tube that pumped water into me so I didn't even have to drink from a cup, that I put on my brave face when I had to get the needle in my arm and how I was sacred, but I knew the doctor and nurse were good people who I could trust to make me feel better.  He listened intently and I quickly changed the subject so I could hear all about his adventure with Dada and Adeline.

William told me they had fun exploring the hospital.  He found the cafeteria and got to buy a cookie at the coffee shop.  He played in the playroom, watched a movie and went to Wendy's for lunch.  I know it was a long afternoon for my troops, and I am so thankful Dada was around to take care of them. 

Now it's just a waiting game to see if we really make it to September 25th!

A huge thank you to Bebe for coming to Tulsa to take care of me and the kiddos.  I can't thank you enough!


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