Monday, September 3, 2012



 It's a word William has heard me repeat a million times.  It's a concept I have worked to instill in him since he was small enough to understand my words.  And soon enough, Adeline will understand this sacred, valuable slice of life.  Whether it's playing at a friends house, eating dessert before dinner, having control of the Ipad or getting to walk to the mailbox by himself......these are Privileges.

 None are greater than the next. 

I have tried to teach him that a Privilege is earned.  It's respected.  It's valued and appreciated.  It's a gift.

Looking back at my 35 year journey to adulthood, I never really thought twice about the power of Privilege.  As a child, I just skipped through my days in a jolly state of mind, carefree and guarded by the trials of reality.  College came and went and my journey to D.C. marked an era of new beginnings.  I knew my job at the White House was special.  That is was a once in a lifetime opportunity and you bet, I never took one day for granted.  It was a Privilege.

Meeting Dan changed my life entirely and together we've charted a course into a future I never dreamed so fantastic.  He's one of the greatest Privileges of my life. 

And then there are my children.   These (soon to be three) little people who walk around the world with a little piece of me inside them.  A reflection of  my spirit with a huge dose of their amazing Daddy.  They are my greatest Privilege and the very reason I am here on this earth.

They are the delight of my heart.  Each one a gift from God.  An enormous Privilege that only a mom can understand. 

And to my new baby girl,

  To know that in 3 weeks I will get to meet you and hold you and look into your precious face and see a part of me and daddy staring up into my eyes.....YOU are my Privilege.   All those prayers I sent  to heaven in hopes that God would give me the Privilege of just ONE MORE little baby to carry through life.  How my heart burst and my tears flowed when I found out that you are on your way! 

These last 9 months have been extra special to me. I feel like the days have passed as fast as the wind, and I have tried with all my might to hold onto the feeling of knowing you are inside me.  Carrying you and your siblings is an immense Privilege.  The most fulfilling, hardest, and rewarding job of my life.  I covet every feeling of you riding along inside me.  I know the pregnancy days are fleeting, and it will make me a little sad when my big ol' belly is gone.  But what a Privilege.  I am so thankful for each of you.

With all that we have going on, it's the belly kicks from you that make time stand still for a little bit.  In these quick moments, you remind me what a gift it is to be a mom.   I hope that you have enjoyed the ride as much as me.  I cannot wait to meet you and welcome you into our family.  Your birthday is approaching and I am forever grateful for you.  You have already brought me more happiness and joy than I could ever hope for.  And for that my sweet baby, I love you.



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