Friday, September 21, 2012

Pigtail Perfection

My babysitter, Amanda, loves to fix Adeline's hair.  Everytime she comes over, Adeline's hair is the cutest it's ever looked. 
Amanda parts her hair perfectly, the rubberbands are nice and tight and Adeline is always wearing one or two hairbows. 
It's amazing to me.  I love it. 

I have NO idea how Amanda gets Adeline's hair so perfect.  She told me Adeline just sits really still on the bed while she goes to work creating her hairdo.  Seriously?  Come on Amanda, what is your secret weapon!! ha!

  I am so jealous because when I style her hair, Adeline is running all over the place while I hold onto her ponytail and try to wrap the rubberband around the hair while she darts around the apartment. 

Even if I turn on Bubble Guppies, I am lucky if I can catch her still for 2 minutes.  So I work fast and when I am done, her part is never straight, some bangs are back in the pigtails, or there is hair that never made it into the "updo" in the first place.......I get an "E" for effort, but Amanda comes out the winner every. single. time.

I told Amanda I would pay her to come style the kids' hair when we have our pictures taken! 

Today when I got home, Adeline was wearing the CUTEST most PRECIOUS pair of pigtails.  She had two big pink bows in her hair, the part was perfect, the piggies were even and high on her head....I could have eaten her with a spoon because she was SO ADORABLE. 

I NEVER know how long Adeline will wear a hairdo, so I knew I better act fast if I wanted to capture the cuteness.  So, I took her outside and acted like the paparazzi outside Vidal Sasson.  I am SO thrilled with the pictures because about 30 minutes after we went back inside, Adeline pulled out the piggies and looked like she put her finger in an electric socket.

 Sigh......oh well, Amanda will be back soon enough!


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