Saturday, September 29, 2012

William meets Anna

William was desperate to meet his new sister, so after school on Tuesday, he came to the hospital to see Anna for the first time.  I will never forget the minute he laid eyes on Adeline the day she was born.  The expression on his face was pure joy and his smile was the most raw, genuine grin I have ever seen.  So, I just knew that William's first glimpse of Anna would be as loving as the day his life changed 18 months ago.

William's rode home from school with his friend, Jake.  Bebe helped him clean up and change his clothes so he could hold Anna when he got to the hospital.  I had the door shut to my room and Dada fired up the video camera so we could capture William's reaction the second he walked in my room.

He burst into the room with eyes open wide and scanned the room to find Anna.  Within seconds, that same ol' genuine smile filled his face from ear to ear.  William's voice quieted down and he reached out to touch her head and hold her hand.


 "Hi Anna?  How is my lovie bug today?," he said.  That little conversation melted my heart.  He just stared at her in a way I simply cannot explain other than describe it as a bond of pure love that only siblings understand.  It's a language all it's own. 

William wasted no time setting up his spot in my room where he could comfortably hold Anna.  "Mom, where is my donut pillow?  I need to have that in my lap so I can hold Anna and feed her a bottle.  I will take care of her so you can lay down in your bed."  William held Anna forever.  He gave her a bottle and every now and then pulled the bottle out of her mouth so she could take a break.  When he was finished feeding her, Dada worked on burping Anna and then William insisted that Anna lay back down in his lap. 

Without hesitation, William began singing to Anna.  In his most quiet and calm voice, William made up a lullaby and sang a beautifully made up song to Anna about how much he loved her, how he wouldn't ever leave her, how the world was excited to see her, and it went on and on.   He didn't care that we were all looking at him while he performed.  Instead, William just held Anna's hand and stroked her fingers while he continued his lullaby.  Anna was asleep in his arms, but I know she heard every word of that sweet little tune.

Watching William meet Anna and embrace her with pure affection makes my heart completely full.  I knew William would love her because he is the best big brother.  He treats Adeline like a friend, he is so proud to teach her new things.   He is patient, kind and always, always looks out for her.  I have no doubt that his love for Anna is the same. 

William, I am SO very proud of you and I love you more than you will EVER, EVER know.  You are a gentle soul and a fiercely loyal brother.  I am so happy to know that you will always look out for your sisters.  You make your mama's heart soar!

"Anna, hi!  I am your big brother William and we have been waiting SO LONG to meet you.  You are my lovie buggy and I can't wait to take you home."  - William, 5.5 years.


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