Friday, September 14, 2012




William started the school year off on a fun soccer team called THE JAGUARS!  The group consists of 8 boys from Holland Hall, Monte Cassino and Metro Christian.  The coach is Terry Meir and his little boy Truit transferred from MC to HH this year.  The kids play soccer through the Metro Soccer League of Tulsa.  They will play about 10 games over the course of the fall and all the games are on Saturday mornings. 

William LOVES it.  He looks forward to practice on Thursday afternoons and he thinks it is super cool to wear an official game uniform.  When he put his uniform on for the first time, he was so excited and proud.  He was given the number 7 and when he saw it, he told me "Mom!  I got number 7!  They must know that is my birthday!" 

The first game was last weekend at 11am.  I took William and Adeline to the soccer fields and Dada met up with us.  I wasn't sure how Adeline would do at the game since she is my wild, busy child.  I packed her lunch and a few toys and just crossed my fingers that she'd stay in her stroller for the whole game......and to my total shock, SHE DID! 

She ate her lunch and cheered for the boys.  I got a kick out of watching her because she thought the whole thing was super fun and entertaining.  I don't know if she'll stay still for every game, but I was thankful the first one was a success!

William joined his teammates on the field for warm ups and a quick pep talk from Coach.   There are only 3 kids from each team on the field at a time and the coaches rotate the other players on and off the field.  This works out great because everyone gets a turn to play and take a break when needed. 


It was so fun to watch William play in his first official sporting event.  He had an absolute blast and figured out that he could race to the Jaguar's goal and protect it from the other team scoring.  I thought that was pretty smart of him and he ended up saving 3 potential scoring opportunities. 

AND THEN WILLIAM SCORED A GOAL!  He was hilarious.  He did a little "jig" of a dance in great excitement.  I was so thrilled for him and the smile on his face was priceless.

WAY TO GO JAGUARS!  Can't wait for Saturday mornings on the field!


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