Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adeline Hendry Barron 17 months

Miss Adeline,

At 17 months, you are a walking, talking pint sized sassy, scrappy little lady.  Your days are filled with constant play.  You are SO BUSY and never stop exploring.  You have discovered how to climb on ANYTHING and you have sheer determination to scale any object in your path in order to get to your destination.  This includes climbing over boxes to climb on top of your high chair in order to climb on the train table and stand up in an effort  to open William's art box so you can dig around for crayons and then take them over to the walls and color your heart out.  Yes, we can't take our eyes off you for one second!

Your vocabulary is wild.  You say "please" and "thank you" at exactly the right time, you repeat 2 word phrases that I say, and you point to all your family members and tell us who we are - "Momma, Dada, William, Sissy."  You never forget to wave to people and say hello or good-bye.  Just the other day I saw you wave at William and say, "See ya!"  I love to carry on a conversation with you when you have something you need to convey.  It's amazing to me that you understand us so well.  When I ask a question, you shake your head 'yes or no" or sometimes you say "yes!" or "no" depending on your need.  I find this SO helpful because it makes it really easy to understand what you want.

You bring me the remote control and say "Gup Gups please" when you want to watch your show, Bubble Guppies.

You understand when I say, "take this to William" and hand you something.  You march right over to him and deliver with a smile on your face!

You try relentlessly to put your own shoes on.  You love wearing shoes and prefer your white Keds or any pair that is shiny.  When you put your shoes on, it's like you know you can take off and run.  So many times after I get your dressed, you ask for your shoes.  Then you say, "TWO THREE GO!" and run around the apartment.

You love to count and say, "ONE TWO THREE FIVE."  Dada taught you how to play hide and seek so you sometimes hide your eyes and count.  Then you look up with your surprise face and throw your arm up in the air as if to say, "where did Dada go?"

I have caught you singing "ABCs" a few times.  Although you don't get every letter, the ones you do sing are in the right order and on pitch! 

You are also showing signs of a sassy little temper.  You prefer to use a fork and do things yourself.  You sometimes stomp your feet and yell when I try to help you unscrew a water bottle cap or an applesauce package.  You often tell me, "DO IT!!!" which means "Adeline do it."  You like to climb into your stroller by yourself and buckle the chest strap.  This chore makes you so proud and you clap your hands every time you get the buckle to snap correctly.  You also do this with your car seat strap.  When you get frustrated or mad, you end up on the floor pouting.  I think it's hilarious and tell myself how funny it is that you know to react this way at such a young age.  Heaven help us when you are older!

You love to explore, get dirty and collect rocks.  You still have a huge love for dogs and freak out with glee when you see one. 

You LOVE ICE.  LOVE IT.  You cannot wait to get your hands into any cup you see......When we go to Sonic, I get you a cup of ice and you will spend hours chomping on it.   You get SO EXCITED when we share our ice with you!  It's so funny to me.

Your hair is getting longer and I think it makes you look so much older than your age. Many times people ask me if you are 2 or 3 years old and when I tell them you are only 17 months, I chalk it up the hair!

 I can finally put it in pig tails and a half up pony tail.  It is hit or miss that you'll sit still for me to style your hair.  I have the best luck when you are in your high chair and distracted.  Some days you like me to fix your hair and other days you run away from me while I am half way tying the rubber band in your hair!  You laugh and laugh and think it's the funniest game ever.  I never can tell how long you'll keep your hair up in pigtails or a pony, so I work fast and cross my fingers that it will stay in place for awhile!  I think you look so cute!

You are a complete joy and have such a happy heart.  More often than not, you go with the flow.  You LOVE being around William and greet him every morning with a beaming smile and a little voice that shouts, "HI!" when you climb up on his bed and wake him up.

I love to watch you in action.  You are every ounce the little girl of my dreams.  I know you have no idea that in 3 weeks your world will be rocked with the arrival of your sister.  I think about it a lot and I treasure these final days of just being with you and giving you my 100% attention when William is at school.  It's the same feeling I had before you arrived and I only had William.  I know you will love being a big sister and embrace her with all your heart.  And I will always watch out for you because like Mama, you are a middle child.  It's a bond the two of us will always share.  I LOVE YOU MY ADELINE.  You are such a gift.  How I prayed for you for so long and walked through a high risk pregnancy with more faith than I knew possible.  You are wonderfully made Adeline and I cannot wait to see the JOY that becomes YOU.


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