Friday, September 14, 2012

William and the 5 senses

This month, William's class has been studying the 5 senses.  They have drawn pictures for each sense, held a taste test, and this week, there was a 5 senses "fair" for the Kindergarten.  The teachers asked for volunteers, so I signed up!  I wanted to participate in a class project for him before I have the baby.  This was a great opportunity to have some fun and watch William with his peers.

So, today from 8:45-9:45am, I snapped some fun pictures of William and his pals exploring sight, taste, sound, touch, and smell.

The kids were divided into their color groups. William's group is yellow and his team started off at the smell station.  They had to smell a variety of things inside bottles and then tried to guess what was inside.

At the sound station, they had a GREAT time banging on instruments!

The bug station was all about sight.  Colored bugs were hidden all over some climbing toys and the kids had to find the bugs that matched their colored bucket.

And I think the winning station was taste.  Each kiddo got to finger paint with chocolate pudding and eat their portion.  William got a kick out of drawing with food!

The fair was lots of fun and pretty quick.  William was so glad I came and when it was over, he told me to go home because they were lining up for snack time.  When I waved good-bye, he had a change of heart and ushered me into the classroom to see his cubby and to watch him eat his snack. 

On another note, William's enjoyment of the 5 senses unit lead him to created a book illustrating each sense.  He was SO proud of it and eager to take it to school.  When I picked him up, he told me that Mrs. Rains LOVED his book and all his drawings.  He was so thrilled and proud when he told me that he got to stand up and show the class his book.  Mrs. Rains put his book in the classroom library so all the other kids could see it.


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