Monday, May 14, 2012

"3 Bags Barron"

On Friday, I gave William the nickname "3 Bags Barron."  He hit the jackpot in his class by earning the blue bag again as well as The Cat In The Hat backpack.  Two very special honors in preschool.  Bag three was of course his own personal backpack.  The smile on his face was priceless!  It's the little things in life that make kids feel absolutely SO SPECIAL.  Three Bags Barron was living the dream!

You may recall seeing the blue bag in a few previous posts.  William's class has a blue tote dubbed the "mystery bag."  Each week a child bring the bag home and picks a mystery item to put in the bag that corresponds to the letter they are working on that week.  The child provides 3 clues about the object and the next day at school, they stand up and give a presentation using the three clues until the class guesses what is inside the bag. 
Friday marked William's 3rd time to bring home the blue bag and on this occasion William's letter was R.  He had a plan from the beginning and jumped in the car to tell me that he was going to put a rocket in the blue bag and his 3 clues were going to be:
  • It is shaped like a cylinder
  • It blasts fire
  • The nose is a cone shape
I got a kick out of his excitement and we put his white toy rocket in the blue bag the second we got home!

Bag #2  is The Cat In The Hat bag.  I had never seen this bag nor did I even know it existed.....until Friday when William jumped in the car and proudly said, "MOM!  LOOK!  I got 2 bags and one of them is Cat In The Hat! I was so surprised!"  I soon learned that the Cat In The Hat bag includes the book, Cat In The Hat and a stuffed animal Cat In The Hat.  Each weekend a child from William's class takes home CITH and documents spending the weekend with him.  Every child writes a page in the class journal about what they did with CITH and either draws a picture or includes some photos.  It's pretty funny to see what the kids write in the journal, and William took this project seriously.  He was SO DELIGHTED that it was finally his turn to bring home The Cat! 

So on Sunday night, we chose 2 things Cat did with us and William wrote in the journal.  He was eager to write in full sentences so when he got up in front of the class to talk about his weekend, he'd be able to read aloud from the journal.  He took this job seriously and I think his penmanship turned out great! 

3 Bags Barron was on cloud nine as we drove into school this morning.  We were the first car in line for drop off and I suggested that we put the 3 bags on the bench right outside the classroom door so that it would be easier for him to get out of the car.  William didn't think much of it until the teacher came to get him out of the carpool line.  He hopped out of the car and said, "oh don't worry about my backpack.  I had 3 bags to carry today because I have the blue bag and Cat In The Hat and you know how heavy my backpack can be.  So I put them right here on the bench so I could get out of the car and not break my arm."  The teacher and I both chuckled as 3 Bags Barron marched proudly into school!


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