Thursday, May 10, 2012

You say DUCK! I say QUACK!

When Adeline was 12 months old, she feel in love with the book, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear."  It's a book about animals and I think we've read it more than 2,000 times!  I have always made the animal sounds as I read the book to her, and within a few days she could repeat every animal noise back to me.  Amazing how quickly little people learn! 

So, for the last two months my girl has loved animals. She's almost 14 months now and still loves them.  If Adeline sees a dog, she barks and squeals with delight.  She loves sheep.  I think sheep was her very first animal sound and every time we see one, "BAAAAAAAAA!" is the loudest noise in her animal repertoire.  Elephants are a winner too.  Many times we'll be riding in the car and out of the blue, she will raise her hand up in the air to mimic the elephant trunk and make a loud noise.  I laugh every time because the "elephant" motion always takes place at the most random times.  I guess she gets to thinking about her animals and next thing you know, she's acting like them!  Other favorites include bird (CAW CAW), fish (pouts her lips together), lion (ROAR), cat (meeeow), pig (move her nose around and tries to snort), horse (sounds like hayyyyyy), monkey (who who who who heeee heee), giraffe (touches her neck for "long neck"), and a few others. 
Recently, Adeline's love for sheep rivals the duck.  My girl loves ducks and rightly so.  Where we are renting there is a pond and in this pond live about 10 ducks.  They are very cute and waddle all over the complex day and night.  Adeline truly gets giddy every time you ask her, "do you want to go see the ducks?"  She hollers out "QUACK QUACK QUACK" and races over to her stroller and gladly jumps in for the trip outdoors. 
 William loves a good trip to the pond because he likes to feed the ducks bread and watch them compete for the crumbs.  Our favorite time to go visit the ducks is around 5:45pm when the ducks are in the grass hunting down their dinner.  He's really into observing their mannerisms and habitat.  I think this curiosity stems from his recent rain forest/animal unit at school.  He loves to stare at the ducks and watch them interact with each other.  He even noticed that one duck made a nest at the edge of the pond. 
Today after Adeline woke up from her morning nap, I asked her if she wanted to find the ducks.  She waved her legs around and flashed a killer smile before shouting, "QUACK! QUACK"  So off we went to find the ducks. 
To our surprise, the ducks were right next door under our neighbor's car port.  At first we could only hear them quacking and I got these cute pictures of Adeline listening for the ducks but unable to see them. 

Then out they popped from the bushes and my girl was off to chase them!  I would say this was a mighty find morning for my animal loving lady!


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